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The fluid nature of the marketing world has been particularly obvious over the past 10 to 20 years thanks to the expansion of the Internet into the forefront of our lives. With all the new trends that are constantly transforming the way we market our businesses, it can be hard to keep up with all the marketing strategies that are out there. To help you identify the marketing trends that will work best for your business, we’ve compiled a list of effective modern marketing strategies


What is modern marketing?

Modern marketing is a data-driven methodology which leverages different strategies to provide the best customer experience and optimize the success of a business. 

There are different ways in which modern marketing can manifest itself, but in today’s market, much of it is digitally based. Companies recognize how prevalent the digital world is in consumers’ lives and therefore seek to capitalize on it. 

The ultimate goal of modern marketing is to gain visibility and maximize profits. In order to achieve this goal, modern marketing utilizes all the resources at its disposal in order to streamline products and brands to interested consumers.

What you should know about modern telemarketing 


7 Modern Marketing Strategies You Should Know

Gaining the attention of potential customers and generating profit is the ultimate goal of any effective marketing strategy. In order to help you develop effective marketing tactics, we created this expert list of some of the best modern marketing strategies that you should know about to ensure your business thrives. 


1. Social Media Marketing 

At present, social media marketing dominates the digital marketing strategy landscape. The prevalent view among marketers is that if your target demographic is anywhere between the ages of 5 and 65, you need to be advertising on social media. With social media continuing to play a dominant role in the transmission of culture, it is important to develop a unique social media marketing strategy, as not doing so would represent a missed opportunity. 

Today, everyone has some form of social media account, with each generation having its own platform preference. For example, if you are looking to appeal to the older generations, Facebook is the place to go. On the other hand, if your target audience is teens, TikTok is the place to be. 

Social media platforms allow you to reach individuals who have a specific interest in your product. If you really want to grab the attention of your consumers in an already saturated market, your content marketing strategy needs to stand out. You need to create targeted, exciting, and engaging content that has the ability to be visible in a crowded social media landscape. 


3. Email Marketing 

As digital marketing techniques have evolved over the years, many perceive email marketing to be an outdated approach. However, this is far from the truth. When we talk about email marketing, we are not talking about emailing a random list of people to entice them into visiting your website. We are pointing to something far more refined and with a bigger success rate. 

Email marketing refers to the process of creating a specific mailing list filled with people genuinely interested in your business. This is done by encouraging individuals, who have visited your website before, to sign up to your mailing list. You can even make it mandatory for them to do so, by letting them view your page only after they have signed up. 

Doing this will allow you to regularly be in touch with potential customers and keep them updated regarding new developments in your business, particularly those that might be of interest to them. This minimizes the likelihood that customers will visit your site once and forget about it in the future. 


4. Blog Posts

Blog posts are another form of online marketing that many companies underestimate. However, when utilized efficiently, they are a great way to generate qualified leads and gain more targeted exposure for your organization. Blogging is a great form of marketing because it also allows you to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) into your strategy. SEO enables you to gain visibility for your site and increase organic traffic, which is essential if you want people to invest in your products or services. 


5. Internet Ads

Advertising is one of the most traditional forms of marketing, and Internet ads are the modern day version of the classic form of advertisement. Instead of running ads on TV or in magazines, more and more companies are opting for Internet adverts. After all, most people today spend a significant portion of their time online.

While Internet ads require you to pay a little bit of money for the services that get your ads seen, the expense is worth it in the short run. There are different platforms that you can use to get your ads seen, from the most obvious Google ads, to the more targeted ad distributors, such as Facebook ads. 

As in the case of social media marketing, you should take the data analytics of your target market into consideration while deciding the types of ads you are going to put out there and where you want to put your ads. You want them to have maximum effect, so thinking about these things is necessary.

In-house vs. outsourced marketing


6. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is heavily connected to social media marketing. More often than not, if you are seeking the services of an influencer to help your brand gain exposure, chances are that they will be doing your promotions via social media. Nevertheless, it should be considered a form of marketing in its own right because it offers a greater boost from simple social media marketing. 

The role an influencer can play in pushing your products or services is unparalleled, especially if they have a large following. Fans of the influencer will be quick to see what the hype is all about and invest in their idol’s favorite brand. 

The influencer you choose to promote your product is, of course, extremely important. You want to choose someone who is popular among your target audience. For example, if you are selling a sports drink, a sportsman would be a good choice, whereas if you are selling makeup, you could use a reality star.


7. Networking Events 

We had to include one non-digital based marketing technique on this list in order to make it clear that the Internet is not the only means through which you can reach out to potential consumers. Networking is a great way to gain exposure, in a more tangible, real-life setting. 

It is similar to telemarketing in that you get to talk to real people in real time and gauge real reactions to what you are selling. 

Networking events allow you to stand face to face with someone to present your pitch. Although a brilliant addition to any marketing campaign, it should not be your only tool for trying to get exposure. Realistically, most exposure comes through digital means. Therefore, this should just be an additional step in order to reach the radar of a particular audience. You can network with your demographic by participating in events that they are likely to attend.


8. Telemarketing

Telemarketing has been, and continues to be, one of the best marketing strategies for lead generation. Talking directly to people can have a huge impact on the likelihood of them interacting with your brand and generating profit. Telemarketing is a marketing strategy in which people ring up potential customers to inform them about the product or business they are representing. 

Good telemarketers contact individuals who they know will be interested in what they are offering. This allows companies to have a genuine conversation with potential customers and understand their needs. A constructive conversation in which you can lay out what you have to offer in a personalized way, answer questions, and pleasantly interact with a potential customer goes a long way towards enhancing the reputation of your business and helping you generate profits. 

Key differences between inbound and outbound telemarketing


Telemarketing services

In this day and age, it is essential that your modern marketing strategies work to maximum efficiency. One of the best ways to boost your marketing campaigns and reach as many potential customers as possible is to leverage telemarketing services

At Telup, we understand just how important lead generation is, which is why we are dedicated to helping you find new customers. We offer both inbound and outbound telemarketing services to boost your chances of success. 

We understand that every company is different and requires a completely different approach to their telemarketing strategy. This is why we work closely with individual brands and companies to ensure that we create a customized strategy that will yield the best possible results. 

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