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TELUP: Your Business Process Outsourcing Partner

TELUP specializes in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and telemarketing services. We help our customers to increase operational efficiency and improve customer engagement by handling functions such as customer relationship management, technical support, and direct marketing campaigns. By combining BPO expertise with innovative telemarketing strategies, TELUP delivers tailored solutions that drive growth and maximise ROI for our business partners.

We Invest in People

At TELUP, we set the highest value on constantly improving our amazing team. With every single executive striving to become better than the best, we aim at exceeding expectations and not just fulfilling them.

We use different measurements to establish how fine we take care of our people:

  • How we lead and stimulate our people
  • How we integrate our company’s values ​​into our conduct
  • How we empower and engage people to do their best in the business
  • How well we manage performance, track progress and provide feedback
  • How well we identify and reward high performance
  • How roles are clearly defined so that everyone works towards a common goal
  • How well we shape our capacity, by hiring people at the right time for the exact roles
  • How we convey continuous enhancement within the company
  • How we craft sustainable success to stay ahead of our industry

Your virtual communication department

TELUP enables its customers to do more and achieve great business results. More than an employee, TELUP is a true partner. It is no more and no less than an extension of the business of its customers.

Telemarketing on a human scale!

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