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Strong telemarketing services can be the difference makers when it comes to growing your sales and attracting new clients to your enterprise. Discover why TELUP’s expertise can help you generate more sales and streamline your operations with its lead generation services, customer acquisition and appointment scheduling services!

Ready to stimulate your growth through telemarketing?

Choose a tailored telemarketing growth strategy designed for the needs of your enterprise

Trust TELUP’s consultative approach to telemarketing to find the best outbound marketing strategy for you!

TELUP takes care of the success of your telemarketing campaigns. We take a consultative approach in the design and management of marketing campaigns and outbound services. Project managers will stay in close contact throughout each stage of your program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments to your services.

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What can TELUP’s team of telemarketers in Riverside do for your business?

UPtimize your business opportunities with our telemarketing

TELUP offers you a wide array of services that will help you grow your sales, improve your customer experience and satisfaction as well as optimize your operations! No matter what your needs are, we can offer a tailored solution to help you reach your goals. Outsourcing your telemarketing services is the right choice to convert potential clients into long-term, loyal customers for your business.

TELUPS’s prospecting and customer acquisition telemarketing services may include calling potential customers to generate and qualify leads, set up appointments, encourage customers to visit stores and showrooms or to register participants in conferences and webinars. The goal of telemarketing is to sell products or services.

Prospecting and Lead Generation Services

La prospection et les leads sont les solutions pour toutes entreprises souhaitant grossir son chiffre d’affaires et sa clientèle grâce au telemarketing.

TELUP services can help you achieve those two thanks to a team of trained agents that specialize in closing sales through our outbound telemarketing. Our lead generation will develop consumer interest for your products or services and pass them on to eventually be converted into a sale for your enterprise! By using verified and accurate lists of contacts, you can rest assured that your sales team’s time is used to its fullest potential by having the best leads available!

Through our prospecting and lead generation, your sales team will be able to efficiently:

  • Determine your actual sales prospects by asking your agents to qualify leads for your sales team.
  • Reach your customers and prospects with a competent communication agent
  • Connect with your customers with our full range of outgoing call services.

Customer Acquisition Services

TELUP’s goal is to turn as many initial contacts with potential clients into sales and results for your business. We ensure that your products and services are properly understood and marketed to clients during sales calls by selecting, assigning, training and supervising high-performance communication agents specialized in outbound telemarketing services.

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments Services

Every minute spent by your sales agents on scheduling and confirming appointments is a minute they could spend on selling your products and services or creating a great customer experience. By using our expert telemarketing services, you allow your team to focus on what they do best: shaking hands and signing contracts.

We will generate and maintain an accurate schedule of appointments your sales team can rely on. We will confirm these appointments with the potential clients beforehand to maximize your time and avoid downtime!

Why outsource your telemarketing services?

Choosing an outsourced telemarketing option is simple, affordable and has proven results for bottom-line growth of your business

Outsourcing your telemarketing to companies such as TELUP has many advantages and will benefit both your bottom line and your operations. Whether you are starting or well established, outsourcing your telemarketing services is definitely an economical alternative to have your own, in-house sales representative team.


Increase the representation of your brand

Make sure that your brand image and your services are consistent and convey the message that you want with professional telemarketing companies. Presenting yourself in a strong position during direct contacts with potential customers will create a lasting first impression and convert more sales than ever before.


Capitalize on TELUP’s skilled and experienced agents

Hiring and training in-house can be a long and expensive process and doesn’t always give you the results you hoped for. To achieve your top sales targets, you will need more than simple communication: you need a professional that is well versed in creating a relationship through the phone, is self-motivated and works well within a result-oriented environment. TELUP’s telemarketing services offer you all this and more!

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What is the purpose of telemarketing for companies?

Telemarketing is used to generate leads, make sales and take care of various marketing activities by connecting and interacting directly with customers over the phone or by videoconference.  It is also an efficient means to collect information by conducting surveys, will help you better understand your potential clients or market and finally can actively enhance your customer’s experience.


Why do we need telemarketing?

There are many reasons why a business still needs telemarketing, but it is mainly used to gain an immediate understanding of a customer’s interest in your product or service. By reaching out directly to potential clients, your team of telemarketers will be able to create a much more interactive environment and a highly personalized sales experience. Despite the changes of the digital world and the rise of social media, telemarketing is still relevant today and had adapted by using means such as conferencing calls.


What are different types of telemarketing services?

Sales and Lead Generation Telemarketing Services

Sales telemarketing remains a very popular approach today! It takes place when a trained agent reaches out to potential customers to sell a product or service, where he takes care of the entire selling process. However, this can become very time consuming.

This is where telemarketing lead generation can help a business’s internal sales team. By taking care of the initial contact, they can pass on an updated list of prospective clients that seem to have an interest in your offering. By having a high quality list of potential clients and by offering an experience tailored to their needs and wants, your sales team will definitely be more successful.


Business to Business, or B2B telemarketing

A B2B telemarketing channel is usually one of two: building a link between two or more companies or selling products and services from a business to another. Both are all about using telemarketers calls for selling purposes and will help you to find the right people to have as customers and enable you to promote your brand.

Business to Consumer, or B2C telemarketing

B2C is much more concentrated on customers instead of companies, with telemarketers directly contacting target customers, or leads, that have an interest in your product or service. This is a very proactive approach, with the goal of introducing your product or service to a lead and eventually to sell it.

What’s the difference between inbound and outbound telemarketing?

There are many strategies when it comes to telemarketing, which are usually classified between inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing services:

1. Inbound telemarketing is when the potential buyer makes the initial move by calling you about a product or service he already has an interest in. They already are interested which greatly simplifies the sales process. However the challenge is to appropriately market your products to potential clients beforehand!

2. Outbound telemarketing is the most popular choice, and is when the seller initiates the contact by calling potential clients. As one would assume, there is no point calling everyone: the challenge will be to segment your market and target the right one based on demographics.

Telemarketing on a human scale!

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