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For a business to grow and increase its income, it is important to generate a regular flow of new customers. However, the importance of strategy in the process of acquiring customers is often underestimated by many business owners. In this article, we tell you the best modern ways to gain new clients.

13 Ways to Get New Customers for Your Business

Below you will find the best ways to get new clients. Depending on your needs and the characteristics of your business, you can include all or some of them in your marketing plan. By combining these strategies, you can ensure a steady stream of prospective customers to your business.

1. SEO

If a business has a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place, it will result in high online traffic to their website. Establishing a strong virtual presence on search engines is a modern way of winning the hearts and minds of prospective clients. To gain new customers with SEO, it is important to understand what your target audience searches for. 

For example, if it’s a business that sells vegan products, then customers might search for “best vegan products”. Securing the first position or a spot in the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) for this search query is one of the best ways for a business to get noticed. Once you establish what topics you want visibility for, create content that surpasses those of your competitors and gain their share of the market by ranking higher than them on search engines!

2. Google Ads Campaigns

Thanks to Google Ads, it is possible to intercept people who are searching for your services/products on Google. Prospective clients tend to already know what they want, and Google Ads facilitate their online shopping journey by proposing products or services related to their research. 

To acquire clients through paid advertising, you must first create a website that contains specialized web pages to sell (landing pages) a certain product/service. You then need to set up a pay-per-click (paid) campaign on Google’s advertising platform to attract potential buyers to your website. 

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3. YouTube Videos

In case you didn’t know, YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. On this website, potential customers often search for information about products before buying them, and there is a whole community of individuals that review products. YouTube is an easy way of sharing your product with the rest of the world. 

To start, you just have to create a profile and upload videos related to the theme of your product/service (unboxing, teasers, comparisons, reviews, etc.). Do not forget to include your website so that potential clients can contact you.

4. Collaborations with Bloggers

Collaborations with specialized bloggers can be very beneficial to attract new clients. To do this, you need to build strong relationships with bloggers in your niche so that they can mention your company and products/services in their articles. To start, do some research and make a list of all the blogs that might interest you. 

Reach out to owners with ideas for new articles that might appeal to your mutual audiences. Once you’ve built a solid reputation, you’ll be able to reach out to famous bloggers or influencers to gain new customers.

5. Telemarketing Services

Lead generation and management are essential for companies wishing to increase their turnover. TELUP can help you reach your target audience thanks to its team of trained agents that specialize in closing sales through inbound and outbound telemarketing services.

Our lead generation services develop consumer interest for your products or services and help convert leads into customers for your enterprise! Thanks to prospecting and lead generation, your sales team will be able to efficiently:

  • Determine your actual sales prospects by asking our agents to qualify leads for your sales team.
  • Reach your customers and prospective clients with a competent communication agent.
  • Connect with your customers thanks to our outgoing call services.

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6. Offer a Free Trial

Offering a free trial is definitely a lead magnet. Many people may be interested in a product or service but won’t buy it if they can’t assess its quality and reliability. To reduce the barrier of the first purchase you can offer a free trial or sample. If you have an online business, you can offer an e-book or videos. You will notice that people will be grateful that you have given them something and if they like it, they will be willing to return the favor by buying the product or service.

7. Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Positive reviews serve to overcome the initial mistrust users may experience and acquire more customers. Some businesses underestimate this practice, but it is very important and beneficial. To do this, simply request reviews after customers buy your products or services.

Most companies send an automated email to request a review once customers have purchased a product or service. Small discounts that cover the taxes on the product or shipping cost are also great incentives to get positive reviews from your existing customer base. It is important to provide brief and precise instructions on how they should do it. For example, you can create a direct link to Google My Business or Trustpilot, where the customer only has to click on the stars and write the review.

8. Run Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is paid advertising that is very effective in converting your website visitors into customers. It consists of collecting user data through cookies (while browsing your website) and then showing related ads while browsing third-party sites. Retargeting is very effective because it shows customers products in which they have already shown interest at different times of the day to incite them to buy.

9. Create an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is basically a business partnership between people and companies through which the company obtains more clients, while people receive a commission for the sales generated through their personalized link.

Affiliate merchants (influencers, bloggers, etc.) are responsible for advertising and displaying third-party products on their sites or social networks and, if the sale occurs, they earn a percentage of it. Cookies and personalized links are what make it easy to track the commission owed. If you team up with a personality in your niche who has a community that follows them, you can reach a steady stream of new potential clients.

10. Use WhatsApp or Messenger

Almost everyone uses these two chat tools, so why not use them for your business? Due to its ease of use, some people feel more comfortable texting instead of calling or filling out a form. Using these communications channels can therefore increase customer satisfaction and improve the overall user experience. 

In the case of WhatsApp, you can create a phone number for your company and share it with customers and through the web (website, social media, etc.). For Messenger, you only need to have an active Facebook page and employees to respond to messages.

11. Join Facebook Groups

This is a long-term strategy that is very useful for building relationships with people who may be interested in your services or products. To get it up and running, you should look for Facebook groups where topics related to your business or field are discussed.

Using your company profile, join discussions in Facebook groups and help individuals that are asking questions and looking for answers. People will be thankful if you offer valuable tips and answer their questions. Your brand image will benefit from these public activities and you will be able to get potential new clients.

12. Do a Webinar

Webinars or video conferences are typically free online events that take place at a certain date in real-time. This means people can follow them live from the comfort of their homes. If you organize a webinar the right way, you will be able to reach tons of people and communicate live with them. 

With a live video recording, your target customers can directly see who you are, what products or services you offer, and learn all the details of your company. However, if you decide to organize a webinar, you must be prepared to answer the questions of potential clients.

13. Call Centers

No question about it, a strong telemarketing team, and an efficient call center can be powerful tools for companies to reach out to potential clients, create a personalized customer experience, and schedule meetings. However, having your own in-house telemarketing call center can often be difficult and expensive, especially for small to medium enterprises.

The best solution for your growth is to have an external call center and benefit from a qualified team of telemarketers that possess extensive experience, high motivation, and are performance-driven.

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