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A solution to the lack of qualified personnel in Canada

As CEO of TELUP, I would like to submit a solution to the lack of qualified personnel in the public service and in Canada in general. This new concept of “The Virtual Immigrant” is inspired by the “Quebec experience program” with the difference that the employee is not physically in Canada, but rather from a foreign country.

The concept is for governments and businesses to use Canada’s international attractiveness to select the best immigrants following a 5-year process. If both parties agree, the virtual immigrant will be offered the right to immigrate to Canada with permanent resident status.

How it works

This strategy is part of a reorganization of human resources within the public service and Canadian companies that wish to join the program, which will consist of moving Canadian employees working in positions where the work can be done remotely, to positions that require the employee to be on site. Vacant positions will be filled by new virtual immigrants.

Who pays the virtual employee?

It is the employer’s responsibility to pay its virtual employees as it does for its regular employees, with all deductions at source at the time of hiring. For example, if the virtual employee is hired by the Canadian public service, he will receive his salary directly from the Canadian government.

The virtual immigrant must:

  1. Hold the same job for 1 year;
  2. Be fluent in English and French;
  3. Have a university degree;
  4. Obtain the Canadian equivalence of diplomas acquired abroad;
  5. Acquire socio-cultural and socio-demographic knowledge of Canada;


  1. Partially addresses the shortage of qualified personnel;
  2. Significantly reduces the cost of hiring employees;
  3. Reduces the risk of error in the choice of candidates for immigration.

This last point is very important because it allows the employer to judge (without risk) the relevance of the immigrant’s application.

TELUP is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that already serves dozens of Canadian companies through remote workers working in our offices abroad: A virtual solution for today’s realities.

Erik Villeneuve, CEO of TELUP

External links:

  1. Quebec experience program: https://www.quebec.ca

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