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Telemarketing Services in Moncton -Make the Most of Each Sales Call with Telemarketing

Telemarketing on a human scale!


Strong telemarketing services can make a difference when it comes to increasing your sales and attracting new customers to your business.


Strong telemarketing services can make a difference when it comes to increasing your sales and attracting new customers to your business.


Many employers in different fields are looking for qualified candidates who are willing to work remotely. Here are some jobs that can be done both remotely and on site.

Services de Télémarketing et Centre d’Appels à Montréal

Trust TELUP's consultative approach to telemarketing to find the best outbound marketing strategy for you!

TELUP takes care of the success of your telemarketing campaigns. We take a consultative approach in the design and management of marketing campaigns and outbound services. Project managers will stay in close contact throughout each stage of your program to assess results and, if necessary, make adjustments to the provided service to reach your KPIs.

UPtimize your business opportunities with a reliable telemarketing service

TELUP offers you a wide array of services that will help you grow your sales, improve your customer experience and satisfaction as well as optimize your operations! No matter what your needs are, we can offer a tailored solution to help you reach your goals. Outsourcing your telemarketing services is the right choice to develop a relationship with potential clients and convert them into long-term, loyal customers for your company.

TELUPS’s prospecting and customer acquisition outbound telemarketing  may include calling potential customers to generate and qualify leads, set up appointments, encourage customers to visit stores and showrooms or to register participants in conferences and webinars. The goal of telemarketing is to sell products or services.

Better prospection and leads are the solution for a company trying to grow its revenues and customer base

TELUP’s service in Moncton can help you achieve those two thanks to a team of trained agents that specialize in closing sales through our outbound calling services. Our lead generation will develop consumer interest for your products or services and pass them on to eventually be converted into a sale for your enterprise! By using verified and accurate lists of contacts, you can rest assured that your sales team’s time is used to its fullest potential by having the best leads available!

Make the most out of calls made by your sales team

Through our prospecting and lead generation outbound telemarketing, your sales team will be able to efficiently:

  • Determine your actual sales prospects by asking your agents to qualify leads for your sales team;
  • Reach your customers and prospects and develop a relationship with a competent communication agent;
  • Connect with your customers with our full range of outgoing call services;
  • Develop a marketing strategy and telemarketing campaign tailored to your needs;

Customer Acquisition Services in Moncton

TELUP’s goal is to turn as many initial contacts with potential clients into sales and results for your business. We ensure that your products or your service are properly understood and marketed to clients during sales calls by selecting, assigning, training and supervising high-performance communication agents specialized in telesales and outbound telemarketing services.

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments Services

Every minute spent by your sales agents on scheduling and confirming appointments is a minute they could spend on selling your products and services or creating a great customer experience. By using our expert telemarketing services, you allow your team to focus on what they do best: shaking hands and signing contracts.

Appointment setting maximizes your sales team productivity and performances

We will generate and maintain an accurate schedule of appointments your sales team can rely on. Our telemarketers will confirm these appointments with the potential clients beforehand to maximize your time and avoid downtime!

Choosing an outsourced telemarketing option is simple, affordable and has proven results for bottom-line growth, whatever the industry

Outsourcing your telemarketing to a company such as TELUP has many advantages and will benefit both your bottom line and your operations. Whether you are starting or well established, outsourcing your telemarketing services is definitely an economical alternative to have your own, in-house sales representative team.

Increase the representation of your brand

Make sure that your brand image and your services are consistent and convey the message that you want with professional telemarketing companies. Presenting yourself in a strong position during direct contacts with potential customers will create a lasting first impression and convert more sales than ever before.

Capitalize on TELUP’s skilled and experienced agents

Hiring and training in-house can be a long and expensive process and doesn’t always give you the results you hoped for. To achieve your top sales targets, you will need more than simple communication: you need a professional that is well versed in creating a relationship through the phone, is self-motivated and works well within a result-oriented environment. TELUP’s telemarketing services offer you all this and more!


What our clients say about us

Excellent service and very good results.

Mark MorinCX and Email Automation Expert

What exceptional service! I couldn't ask for more. The pinnacle of telemarketing! A huge thank you!

Caroline DésourdyB.Sc., CAT(C), D.O.(Q), FMCHC

Very good service and a good team. Unique quality / price ratio on the market.

Pierre-Alexandre TougasDirector at PAL TI IT Solutions

Quality and attention to results at an exceptional level.
Our team was fortunate to experience growth of over 35% with the TELUP team.

Bruno PouliotCEO at OceanData

Since February this year we have been using TELUP's telemarketing services to arrange appointments for our representatives. This company offers innovative service and I recommend them!

Marc DurandPanosphere360

TELUP a dépassé et dépasse encore mes attentes. Juste WOW !

Gerry MénardCEO - Talent acquisition at Spartanium

Ready to propel your business with a telemarketing agency you can trust?

Our telemarketing experts have developed hundreds of successful telemarketing campaigns for companies looking to increase leads, phone calls, transactions and qualified traffic to their website. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free strategy proposal and get a game plan for generating elite revenue.

An impeccable service to our company ArtExpert.ca

Louise PoulinCEO, ArtExpert.ca

Ask for your quote.

Learn more about telemarketing services

What is the purpose of outbound telemarketing for companies?

A telemarketing service, an important part of a company’s marketing mix, is used to generate leads, make sales and take care of various marketing activities by connecting and interacting directly with customers over the phone or by videoconference. It is also an efficient means to collect information by conducting surveys, will help you better understand your potential clients or market and finally can actively enhance your customer’s experience. Service providers such as TelUp specialize in outbound calls and reaching out to potential customers in your target markets. They use different strategies to get their sales pitch in front of potential clients, such as cold calling and other types of telemarketing campaigns.

Why do we need telemarketing?

There are many reasons why a business still needs a telemarketing service, but it is mainly used to gain an immediate understanding of a customer’s interest in your product or service. By reaching out directly to potential clients, your team of telemarketers will be able to create a much more interactive environment and a highly personalized sales experience. Despite the changes of the digital world and the rise of social media, creating a relationship with a customer is more important than ever. This is why telemarketing is still very relevant to a company today and has adapted by using means such as conferencing calls. Through a sales campaign or outbound calls , TelUp helps you develop the best marketing strategy to get you closer to your goals and to become an industry leader through world class services.

How to choose the right telemarketing service for your company?

Finding the service provider that can help you reach your goals is not always simple. Cold calling services and outbound calls are often the first point of contact with customers, and a unique opportunity to develop a personal relationship with them. In B2C telemarketing services, and perhaps even more in B2B telemarketing services, the “sales pitch” must be perfect. Here is how to find the perfect partner for your growth:


The location of call centers is important for a variety of reasons, and is the most important factor when it comes to your budget. Outsourcing your telemarketing services out of the country allows you to pay less,  however it is essential to work with someone you can trust to provide a great quality of service. TelUp ensures that all the call center agents are fluent in the language spoke by your potential customers and follow a comprehensive training on your business and how to represent your brand.

Business Type and Industry

Some services specialize in certain industries or a specific campaign, including financial services, law firms and retail. With the right marketing plan, they can attract people with the same industry. A key factor in choosing a telemarketing service will be the market you are targeting and your potential clients. For example, if your target audience consists of highly skilled individuals or company executives, you’ll need a telemarketing service that is best suited for creating customer relationships.


Because of the excesses and methods practiced by many service providers in the past, telemarketing services as a whole gained a negative reputation. Companies such as TelUp are working hard to show that inbound and outbound telemarketing can be done in an ethical and respectful way, without sacrificing performances and sale opportunities!

What are the different types of telemarketing services?

Sales and Lead Generation Campaign

Sales telemarketing remains a very popular approach today! It takes place when a trained agent reaches out to potential customers to sell a product or service, where he takes care of the entire selling process. However, this can become very time consuming and each sale is costly.

This is where telemarketing lead generation can help a business’s internal sales team. By taking care of the initial contact, they can pass on an updated list of prospective clients that seem to have an interest in your offering. By having a high quality list of potential clients and by offering an experience tailored to their needs and wants, your sales team will definitely be more successful during consumer calls and create actual sales.

Business to Business, or B2B telemarketing

A B2B telemarketing channel is usually one of two: building a link between two or more companies or selling products and services from a company to another. Both are all about using telemarketers calls for selling purposes and will help you to find the right people to have as customers and enable you to promote your brand.

Business to Consumer, or B2C telemarketing

B2C is much more concentrated on customers instead of companies, with telemarketers directly contacting target customers, or leads, that have an interest in your product or service. This is a very proactive approach, with the goal of introducing your product or service to a lead and eventually to sell it.

When should you invest in telemarketing for your business?

Telemarketing is a natural step for businesses trying to grow their sales, expand to a new market or push new products/services. The earlier you start prospecting and reaching out to potential customers and partners, the faster you will succeed. What stops businesses are the costs and the expertise to develop in-house telemarketing capabilities. Telemarketing services are a good investment if your business needs a more specialized and focused approach to sales with trained professionals that are specific in prospect outreach.

If you want to reduce call costs and not feel that you are making an investment in training your own sales staff, it might be worth considering outsourcing your telemarketing operations. Your outsourcing agency can make plans based on the number of sales you are hoping to make every month, saving your company the time and money needed to train your own employees as salespeople.

 When you have the sales plan, the budget, and a look at what your internal capabilities are, you can make sure that what you can do in-house isn’t enough if your goals aren’t met. Having a telemarketing service as the company’s number one source of sales is what

What’s the difference between inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing services?

There are many strategies when it comes to telemarketing, which are usually classified between inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing services:

  1. Inbound telemarketing, or inbound customer services, is when the potential buyer makes the initial move by calling you about a product or service he already has an interest in. They already are interested which greatly simplifies the sales process and the development of a relationship. However the challenge is to appropriately market your products to potential clients beforehand!
  2. Outbound telemarketing is the most popular choice, and is when the seller initiates the contact by calling potential clients. As one would assume, there is no point calling everyone: the success of outbound marketing resides in making the right consumer calls. The challenge will be to segment your market and target the right one based on demographics.

What other services can be provided by TelUp?

TelUp’s service is a cost-effective solution to improve the efficiency of your sales teams, improve the relationship they create with clients and turn a call into an actual sale. In addition to outbound telemarketing calls, we can provide third-party logistics for your call center. Our agents can take care of unsolicited calls from clients, B2C and B2C appointment setting, follow-ups and much more! 


Telemarketing on a human scale!

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