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A growing company is often a company with an excellent telemarketing service. The best solution to increase your company’s sales and attract new customers is a successful telemarketing agency that can help you generate more sales and optimize your operations. The expertise of TELUP agents is what you need!  Let us handle your lead generation, customer acquisition and appointment setting services.

Ready to take your telemarketing to the next level?

What our telemarketing solutions can do for your business

1. Handle solicitation and lead generation

TELUP services take care of the initial contact with your potential customers, develop their interest in your products and services and prepare the grounds for your sales team. Our team of specialized outbound telemarketers will quickly develop a list of interested customers, with verified and reliable information to maximize your sales and your agents’ time. Our prospecting and lead generation services will allow your company to perform at its full potential quickly and sustainably!

Delegating your telemarketing to TELUP will allow you to: 

  • Determine your actual sales prospects by having our agents qualify leads for your sales center.

  • Reach your customers and prospects with a skilled communication agent

  • Connect with your customers with our complete outbound calling services solution.


2. Making appointments

Managing your sales agents’ schedules is a critical part of increasing your company’s sales, but it often takes time and effort. Every minute your sales agents spend scheduling and confirming appointments is a minute they could be spending creating an exceptional customer experience! Let your sales team focus on your products and services by delegating appointment scheduling and confirmation to TELUP.

We will generate and maintain an accurate appointment schedule that your sales team can rely on. We will confirm these appointments with your potential customers in advance to maximize your time and avoid misunderstandings.


3. Development of new clients

TELUP’s goal is to turn as many initial contacts with potential customers into sales and positive results for your company. Obviously, in order for your products and services to become familiar to our agents and to be marketed in an ideal way to your customers during sales calls, a complete training is necessary. That’s why we make sure to pass on the necessary knowledge to our staff by selecting, training and supervising specialized outbound telemarketers.

Increase your business growth by choosing the right telemarketing agency

A proven, cost-effective solution for sustainable business growth

Outsourcing your telemarketing to companies like TELUP has many advantages and we are confident that you will quickly see positive impacts, both on your financial results and your operations. Whether you are a new or an established company, outsourcing your telemarketing is a simple and economical alternative to maintaining an in-house team. Avoid having to train, supervise and coach your team of sales representatives and focus on your calls and your customers with peace of mind!


Reach new customers and build your brand

A company’s good reputation takes years to develop, but can fall apart in seconds! Make sure that you deliver the message you want with professional telemarketing companies. Presenting yourself in the best possible stance on calls with potential clients will create a lasting first impression and convert more sales than ever before. Maintain a strong corporate image with TELUP telemarketing representatives!


Take advantage of the expertise of TELUP agents, for B2B or B2C telemarketing

An in-house telemarketing center presents many difficulties and challenges for companies: hiring and training a team internally is often a long and expensive process. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will be successful! To reach your sales goals, you need more than just decent communication: you need experts. 

A team of telemarketers who can create a relationship with your customers by phone, develop a bond of trust and promote the good image of your company is priceless! Our Telemarketing Agency offers you all this and more!

Advantages of entrusting your telemarketing to TELUP


TELUP takes care of your telemarketing campaigns and makes them a success! 

We are proud of the consultative approach we take in the design and management of your marketing campaigns and outbound services. TELUP’s project managers will stay in close contact with you throughout your program, supporting and advising you through the various stages of your projects. Trust our telemarketing experts to evaluate the results and, if necessary, make adjustments to your services.

The right strategy for your business is sometimes hard to find: let TELUP do it for you!

A telemarketing solution customized to your business and its needs can make a huge difference on your company’s growth. With many years of experience and qualified staff, TELUP can provide you with a customized solution to help you achieve your goals! Our range of services is designed to help you reach your sales objectives, better understand your customers and improve their experience as well as optimize your sales team’s time! Choosing our Telemarketing Agency is the right choice to convert potential customers into long-term loyal customers.

Want to increase your sales? Get new customers? Ensure the growth of your business?

Tell us about your telemarketing needs

Would you like to talk to TELUP to determine if we are the right solution for your business growth? Or would you like to know more about our telemarketing services, our consultative approach or other aspects of our business? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you in your choice and answer your questions.

Telemarketing on a human scale!

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