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This is a game changer

Control your team using our telepresence services with, the most innovative tool to bring our remote customer to our office. It allows a revolutionary new level of interaction with your remote telemarketing team.

Traditional videoconferencing is arguably the most important tool used by telecommuters in the workplace today. However, we all know how difficult it can be to schedule a call or ask someone to set up a laptop for video chat.

Having access to your dedicated robot in our office means you can be free to roam around anywhere without having to schedule a meeting. It takes everything you love about video calls on an iPad and puts that on a mobile base that puts our remote customer in control. Our robots are always on, ready to take you anywhere you need to go in our office.

Our remote customers are now first-class citizens fully in control of their team

Most offices have quite a bit of ad-hoc verbal communication throughout the day. How many of those little conversations do the remote workers miss? Typically, the remote worker is only contacted for higher priority items. This makes them second-class citizens, since they’re not in the loop on many day-to-day activities. Our robots give each remote customer a physical presence in our office all day, every day. They’re there for the hallway conversations. You no longer need to say, “can someone call Mary and let her know what we talked about?”

Your virtual communication department

TELUP enables its customers to do more and achieve great business results. More than an employee, TELUP is a true partner. It is no more and no less than an extension of the business of its customers.

Telemarketing on a human scale!

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